Mobile Food Vendor Training

Training on mobile vendor food safety.

Mobile Food Vendor Training

Mobile Food Vendor Training is a complete resource that will walk you through how to run your business safely and efficiently. The program provides guidance and an overview of general requirements to help take some of the “gotchas” out of being a food truck owner.


Figuring out what’s required is time-consuming. Everything from required licenses, to equipment, and vendor units are covered in detail.

Food Vendor Safety

Learn the difference between basic food safety, mobile food safety, and how they differ in the food cart environment.

Good Practices

Know how to keep your business in tip-top shape by being able to identify food cart classes, how to handle money, commissaries, and more.

Food trucks are becoming widely popular along with consumer demand and an increase in crowds. With a low startup cost, it’s no surprise that there are nearly 3 million owners and operators working on a mobile food vendor. It’s important to know, wherever you’re parked, that you follow the standard regulations, food safety laws, and good practices of owning a food truck.

Mobile Food Vendor Training is no bland book—it’s the goto resource for anyone who is starting, or operating a food truck. Beyond the menu lies all the nuances of regulations to stay running. This program provides general guidance for food safety and sanitation rules specific to Mobile Food Vehicles and Food Carts.

Through this program, you will learn:

Regulatory requirements you may need in order to operate.

Handling frozen foods, BBQ, condiments, potentially hazardous foods, and more.

Required Equipment to comply with the National Sanitation Foundation.

Basic principles of food safety, sanitization, and how to dispose of waste.

Commissaries, and the exceptions to needing to use one.

Person-in-charge duties and responsibilities.

Mobile Vendor Video Series

Sit back and enjoy watching our in-house eLearning program from the comfort of your home. The video series is on-demand, and in an easy-to-digest format for every learning style. We also provide exercises and worksheets to help process the information and get the most value out of the program.

Mobile Friendly

Tune in with a phone, tablet, or computer.

Interactive Learning

Short quizzes provide a fun way to retain information.

Mobile Food Training

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Mobile Vendor Manual

Download, or mail-order a copy of our 56 paged spiral-bound manual. Quickly flip and revisit all the great lessons and principles from the program, and easily store in a food truck cabinet for quick referencing. Included are easy to understand pictures, worksheets, and a self-quiz to test your knowledge.

Printed Manual

Order our full color, spiral-bound handbook for easy reading.

Download PDF

Read from your computer, or phone. Whatever is most convenient.


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